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Do you want to do your part to conserve water, while saving money and eliminating mowing? After years of drought in California, artificial grass is growing in popularity. An eco-friendly artificial turf system doesn't need water, fertilizer, pesticides, seeding or mowing.

The benefits of artificial grass include:  

● Less work to maintain

● May qualify for money-saving incentives

● Eliminates pollution from pesticides and fertilizers

● Saves money on water, fertilizer, mowing and seeding costs

● Comfortable and safe for kids and pets. 

Lawns guzzle water, accounting for a large share of home water use in Southern California. In a time of skyrocketing water costs and persistent drought, this takes a toll on the pocketbook and the environment. 

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Many of our customers appreciate that little maintenance is needed to keep an artificial lawn in pristine condition. Imagine no more Saturday afternoons spent mowing, watering, and fertilizing your lawn! Check out our wide selection of remodeling service in los angeles.

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Energy Remodeling specializes in Solar Panel installation. We provide the means for any homeowner or commercial business to receive the great benefits of Solar Energy. Solar Power Systems have come a long way and have dramatically reduced in pricing. You can now enjoy the benefits of Solar Energy Panels that are available at the best rates with the most advanced solar technology to-date.

The secret is in our technology. Photovoltaic solar panels generate electricity directly from the sunlight from an electronic process that occurs naturally in material, called semiconductors. Electrons in this material is freed by solar energy and can be induced to travel through an electrical circuit, powering electrical devices or sending electricity to the grid. This energy source can be used to power the smallest of items such as a calculator to the biggest skyscraper in Los Angeles, California. Nothing too big or too small can not hide from the power of solar energy. 

We are a premier solar panels supplier headquartered in Los Angeles, CA. Our service outreach includes San Jose, Bakersfield, San Diego, Riverside, Pomona, South Bay, and East Bay. 

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