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A lot has been said and discussed about solar energy but there are tens of thousands out there who are still reluctant to install solar panels in their homes and workplace.

Not only ignorance but the lack of trust in solar installation stops people from switching to a green lifestyle.

Having said that, let’s quickly take a dig at top 5 benefits of using green energy...


Show your loved one and the Earth some love with these eco-friendly date ideas.

As if dating weren’t hard enough, those of us who have embraced an eco-friendly lifestyle also have to come up with ideas that will not only impress but also have the least impact on the Earth in the process. Another weekend comes along and you’re looking for ways to spend it with your loved one. If you’ve exhausted your local brunch scene, or spending time indoors in a movie theater isn’t your idea of romantic, why not try something different? These alternative date ideas are guaranteed to turn your Valentine’s Day from red to green.


Installing a solar panel system can decrease your carbon footprint by an average of 35,180 pounds of carbon dioxide per year. You’d have to plant 88 trees every year to offset that amount of carbon dioxide!

Still considering a solar energy system for your home or workplace? Its better you stop and think for a while since there are many factors that go into it. And, with no homework done, you can certainly lose your sanity through the journey.

Having said that, let’s take a run through some things you must know before going solar ...


The main purpose of my visit to the Santa Ynez Valley was my interest in wine. I explored a few local sustainable vineyards and wineries and learned a great deal about this wine country. Simultaneously, I discovered that this region has so much more to offer than just the grape.

More and more people are attuned to the fact that pesticides and chemical fertilizers are harmful to the environment, public health, and their own bodies. 


Solar Tax Credit on your mind?

Well, that’s great but do you know how to get solar tax benefits in California. If no, then you’re reading the right article. For those who don’t know about the new remodeling company in woodland hills & los angeles, let’s first figure out what solar tax credit is and how are Californians benefitted through the same.

Commonly coined as the ‘Investment Tax Credit’ or ITC, this tax benefit is an initiative of the federal government to promote the use of solar power across the country. Under this, homeowners who are considering solar get a tax deduction of 30% (dollar-for-dollar) on the total solar system cost.


Green home-addicted but have no idea of how to have one? Or, is renewable energy on your mind?

Well, you’re not alone. There are many who want to have a green home in 2016 but don’t know where to start.

Having said that, let’s walk you through top 5 green home trends of 2016 that are surprisingly eco-friendly...

Vantage Points (3).jpg

Top 10 Ways to Conserve Energy at Home

Want to make your home more energy efficient and sustainable but don’t know how to do it?

Well, you all know how to tap renewable energy but adopting more energy saving behavior and technology can actually bring down your energy consumption by more than 50%.

So, without wasting any time further, let’s catch a quick glimpse of ways homeowners can adopt to conserve energy:

Untitled design (32).jpg

Las Vegas is Making Green Strides

Whether you’ve moved to fluorescent lights or started driving a hybrid car or begun taking your reusable bags to the supermarket, it certainly makes a huge difference at cutting down your carbon footprint.

Las Vegas is going green. The city is planning to run municipal buildings, fire stations, parks, streetlights and other facilities exclusively with clean power and city residents are making moves to switch to green living. 


THE NEW YOU (5).jpg

Our planet Earth has its own day of celebration: April 22nd. In 1970, Senator Gaylord Nelson founded Earth Day. Now celebrated around the world, it’s a day when we pause to think about the environment. We could write all day about how much we love the earth and remodeling company bakersfield, but the truth is that so many people have said this better than we ever can! So, in celebration of Earth Day, here are our favorite quotes.


Want to make your mom feel appreciated this Mother’s Day with an extraordinary gift? Or, are you looking to gift her something that doesn’t increase her carbon footprint?

Well then, you are reading the right article. This blog post tosses around eco friendly gift ideas so you can celebrate your mom while celebrating Mother Earth.

urban-biking cover.jpg

Cycling helps in multiple ways. Not only it helps your environment stay healthy but also influences your pocket book in a good way. As a result what you get is unexpected social and economic advantage.

That being said, let’s walk you through the safety and importance of urban biking:...

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